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TKE 60 Year Reunion Dinner

The 60 Year TKE Reunion was held Saturday September 30th at the Cappaert Gym at the Alma Campus.
Thanks to all came out to celebrate the TKE Fraternity!
Flip through a copy of the Program below.
The 2017 TKE Distinguished Alumni Award goes to Dr. Albert Dugan, '61 #0064. Congratulations Bert!
Read Paul Kinder's citation for Bert is below

Albert “BERT” Dugan, class of 1961, Scroll Number 0064 is what you might call an “Alma College Family”  having wife Jeane Cook, class of 1964, a son Raymond, class of 1989 and daughter Christine, class of 1992.

Then he and Jeane “Shared” the George Herbert Distinguished Service Award as well as the Art Smith Distinguished Service Award.  Sorry Jean you can only share the TKE Distinguished Alumni Award in your heart.  “Bert”, you are truly an Alma College Family man.

Let’s hear a little bit about this amazing man.  He was born and raised in Plainwell, Mich, graduated from Plainwell High School.  He chose Alma College because he has been a “life Long” Presbyterian and they offered him a small Scholarship.  He chose the TKE Fraternity because he lived in Wright Hall and he saw the TKE House through his dorm Window!  He said that his class was the first class that the “blackball” procedure was NOT used.  His TKE class that year was quite diversified, with a very few “jocks”.

Bert Graduated in 1961 with an English major.  He stayed at Alma for two more years and completed the pre-med curriculum.  He was accepted to the University of Michigan med-school in 1963.

After completing med-school his first internship was at the Midland Hospital.  He spent two years in Midland, Mich from 1967-1968.  After that his first residency was in Internal Medicine at the Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids.  He was there for 2 years, 1968-69.

Then his life made an unusual change.  It seems that his wife, Jeane, was an “Army Brat” and she talked Bert into joining the Army.  So from 1969-1975 Bert was on active duty in the U.S. Army as a major.  His first tour of duty was at Sandie Army Hospital in Albuquerque, N.M.  His second tour of duty was at Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Denver, and his final tour of duty was at Beaumont Army Hospital in El Paso, Texas.  In 1975 he left the Army and returned to Grand Rapids where he entered private practice.  He was Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease.  He practiced medicine from 1975-2001 when he retired. 

He didn’t want to push snow around or rake leaves so Bert and Jeane moved to Albuquerque, N.M.  After 14 years in N.M. however, they missed Grand Rapids.  In 2015 he and Jeane moved back to Michigan…he said “I miss ‘pushing snow and raking leaves’.

After retirement Bert kept busy teaching at Michigan State College of Human Medicine as well as the University Of New Mexico School Of Medicine.  He held a number of Medical positions.  Here are a few:

            Past President of Kent County Medical Society

            Past President of the New Mexico State Board of Mental Illness

            Past President of the National Association on Mental Illness.

He was a 10 year volunteer at the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.

Bert is a world traveler and his favorite places are Great Britain, Europe, New Zealand and China.  He loves RV camping, doing so since 1968, and has traveled through most of the U.S.A. states.

His favorite down time activities are tennis and bird watching.  And he told me himself that his favorite birds are the ones with the “long legs”!

He and Jeane have been married for 53 years.  That may come to an end after the birds with the long legs!  You didn’t know that this was going to be a “ROAST” did you Bert?

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