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New TKE House Updates & Fundraising


Gary Fenchuk ’68 and Greg Hatcher ’83 have very generously offered a matching gift program that, if successful, would name the beautiful TKE House in honor of long-time chapter advisor and Alma College legend Eugene “Doc” H. Pattison ’56.

Click below for a downloadable copy of the letter as well as the editable Pledge Form

Current TKE House History

On Saturday, October 11th of 2014, active members, past members, and alumnus of Alma College with connections to Tau Kappa Epsilon gathered at 313 Philadelphia to recognize the great accomplishments of the fraternity. President of Alma College, Dr. Jeff Abernathy, recognized those who were instrumental in the building of the new fraternity house, and explained how Tau Kappa Epsilon is lighting the way, and setting the example, for other fraternities on campus. Chapter advisor, Kirk Smith, Little Sister Carol Hyble, frater Terry Benton, active Prytanis Levi Lake, and chaplain Noel Snyder talked about the progress of the fraternity and blessed the house. After the dedication ceremony and cutting of the ribbon, a luncheon and guided tours were available before the football game.


Gentlemen, the next chapter for the ZETA Delta Alumni Association of TAU Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (Phi Phi Alpha) is currently being written. With your help, we WILL have a new TKE House at 313 Philadelphia after a 28 year absence. This is a passionate subject for many of us that lost nearly everything that we owned in the house fire of 1985. So after the January 2012 fire, a group of us committed to building a new TKE House where we belonged: 313 Philadelphia. With the help from the Chapter Board of Advisors and the Chapter Alumni Association, we have teamed with the college and are on the cusp of breaking ground on a new house. Every donation helps so if you have not already, this is your chance to be part of something very spectacular new house at 313 Philadelphia Opportunity out of DEFEAT!


YITB Terry A. Benton (86 Scroll #666)

TKE Circle of Excellence Award and TKE Top Chapter Award

The Top TKE Chapter Award is presented to the Alma College TKE Chapter, “in recognition of its efficient operation as a TKE Chapter this award is based upon excellence in chapter administration, campus activities, and scholarship.”  Pictured in photo from left to right:  CEO of TKE Shawn Babine, Paul Mikhijian, Greg Hatcher ’83 (Scroll # 0608), Vernon Moeggenborg, Levi Lake, Past Grand Prytanis Ed Moy, and Brock Neeson.

As I look back over my life, I honestly cannot think of a more enriching and enjoyable experience than brotherhood that we all shared togetherin the TKE house. It was trly an amazing period where we matured from undisciplined high school kids to independant, confident, worldly and purposeful young adults all while having the time of our lives! I am confident all of you feel the same way; it was simply the best of times! We were fortunate in having that TKE house given to us to live out these fantastic memories. Our Active brothers deserve the same opportunity. 

Gary Fenchuk 1968 (Scroll #0216

Currently the President of the Zeta Delta Alumni Association of Tau Kappa Epsilon (Phi Phi Alpha), Greg Hatcher is named to the Circle of Excellence at 2013 Conclave.  The Circle of Excellence is a group of Tekes who have achieved the highest level of professional success in their chosen field of endeavor.  These members have been recognized by their peers for extraordinary achievement.

Conclave is a great celebration of brotherhood, where Tekes from all over the world come together for three days to select the leadership of the Fraternity, vote on changes to the governing rules and policies, recognize our best and brightest Fraters and Chapters, participate in intense leadership development and build friendships.  The Alma College TKE Chapter celebrates receiving the Top Chapter Award this year!

Alma College TKE's win Top Chapter Award and President Greg Hatcher named to Circle of Excellence at 2013 Conclave!

Events and Announcements from 2012

June 23rd, 2012
The 6th Annual Little Heroes Golf Outing will be held at Sugarbush Golf Club in Davidson, Michigan at 9:00 a.m.  The cost is $55.00 per person and this year's proceeds will go to Benefit4kids.  The golf outing has raised over $35,000 for various charities since its inception.  For more information contact Mike or Danielle Baszier:  email or (810) 304-1908.

June 9th, 2012

Dan Nichelson Memorial Golf Tournament in Hudson, MI.  The Dan Nichelson Memorial Golf Outing was held June 9th at 12:00 noon on the Schafer's Evergreen Golf Course in Hudson, Michigan.  Jim Townsend '99 (0890) and Connie Nichelson organized the event to honor Dan who died 15 years ago in a tragic automobile accident.  Alumni and friends attended dinner at the Nichelson's home after the event.  All proceeds from the golf outing go to the new TKE house fund.  This presented everyone with a unique opportunity to remember Dan and support the fund raising efforts for the house.

June 2nd, 2012
The annual Klenk Open was held at Pine River Country Club.  John Leister, Althetic Director:  leister@alma.eduor (989) 463-7265 was the coordinator.  All proceeds from the golf outing went to the Alma College Athletic Department. 


Zeta Delta (Phi Phi Alpha) chapter received four National Achievement Awards at the 2011 TKE Conclave in San Antonio, Texas. The awards were for: Alumni Relations, Academic Excellence, Extra Curricular Affairs, and Community Service. This is the first national award since 1975.

2011 Zeta Delta (Phi Phi Alpha) Win Four National Achievement Awards   

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