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TKE Jobs and Career Opportunites

TKE Jobs and Career Opportunites

During these difficult economic times, we all know someone who has lost their job, or is in a posotion that does not fit their passion, or is ready for a job change. Recent college graduates find it challenging to find jobs. At TKE, we believe in Opportunity out of Defeat. The Alumni Association realizes what is takeing place in the job market with our alumni and recent graduates and wants to help.

We would like to introduce the new Alma College TKE/Phi Phi Alpha TKE's Job Finder Program. As leaders many of us may be aware of positions becoming available in the organizations where we work or with whom we do business. We have created the following process:


When you are aware of a position or internship, fill out the Job Internship Opportunity Form

by clicking here and return the completed form by email or mail pursuant to the

directions on the form.


The Alumni Association will post this job on the website (click here for job postings) and send out a notice to everyone using each of the following three communications methods:




A Tweet via Twitter (sign up for tweets by clicking here)

Our LinkedIn Group Account (sign up to be a LinkedIn group member by clicking here)


You will be contacted within your deadline noted by interested Alma College TKE actives and alumni. Should you find a good fit by a fellow Frater, please let us know via email at so we can announce this on our TKE's Helping TKE's Highlights.

**If you are an Alumni or Active seeking employment or internships, please make sure you are on our email blast account so we can make you aware of positions as we are notified. We look forward to trying to help each other out during these challenging times. Please feel free to contact the program coordinator, Terry Benton, with any concerns, comments or questions you may have at:

Terry Benton, Principal/Vice President of Real Estate, Strathmore Development Company, 1427 W. Saginaw Street., Suite 150, East Lansing, MI 48823, Voice: (517) 664-4128 Cell: (517) 256-5352 Fax: (517) 664-4108,

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